Mature oak woodland on Skye

Alex Glasgow Forest Design

Forest Design Consultancy based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Alex Glasgow Forest Design (AGFD) offers forest design expertise, both for commercial and native woodlands, together with landscape appraisal, mapping and the production of computer generated 3D forest design illustrations.

AGFD has over twenty years of experience in all areas of forest design planning, in the core areas of Commercial Restructuring (Forest Plans) and New Native Woodlands. Alex also have long experience in designing New Commercial/Mixed Woodlands, and in the production of independent Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) for forestry Environmental Impact Assessment.

Geographically AGFD is based in the West Highlands of Scotland. The majority of work and experience is focused within the Highlands and the north of Scotland, but Alex is familiar with and available for projects in the Borders and beyond.

About Alex Glasgow

Alex Glasgow is a Landscape Architect (Leeds Metropolitan University) specialising in Forest Design. In the early 1990's, following post graduate study, he worked as Assistant Regional Landscape Architect for the Forestry Commission, with Liz Macintosh. At this time, the structured approach and standardised presentation of Forest Design was being established within the Forestry Commission. Upon leaving the Forestry Commission to set up a private consultancy, Alex was therefore in an ideal position to promote the use of forest design planning principles as they were being encouraged within the private sector.

Two decades later, though techniques have been refined, and technology has simplified and vastly improved accuracy and presentation, the role as consultant designer to Forest Management Companies has remained largely the same. As well as having a long working association with most of the leading forest management companies in Scotland, Alex has worked as a consultant for the Forestry Commission in the preparation of Forest Design Plans, and regularly works directly with land owners such as the National Trust for Scotland and RSPB.