Mixed woodland on Skye

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) looks at the effects of a proposed development on the landscape and visual character of the area, and often forms part of a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The LVIA follows four stages:

  •   Describing, classifying and evaluating the Existing Situation.
  •   Describing the Proposals.
  •   Analysing and describing the Effects of the proposals.
  •   Analysing and evaluation the Significance of those effects.

The Effects and their Significance are considered against both Landscape Character and Visual Amenity.

Alex is very familiar with the preparation of forestry LVIA's, and, significantly, is able to incorporate the factors highlighted within the LVIA into the design of the proposed woodland, demonstrating mitigation measures and a clear evolution of the design through the LVIA process.