Oak tree and young birch trees on Skye

New Native Woodlands

Current national policy encourages the planting of native Scots pine and birch dominant woodland, aiming for the restoration of the native Caledonian pine forest. These new woodlands generally have simple and venerable objectives, but are often created within predominantly open moorland landscapes, and can have significant visual impact if not designed carefully. Planting design, and the alignment of protective deer fencing, needs to subtly reflect landscape and landform patterns to maximise 'naturalness' and hasten the integration of the woodland into the surrounding natural landscape.

Vegetation surveys provide the backbone for planting design, and the Digital Terrain Model visualisation program allows designs to be tested and demonstrated from any viewpoint. These computer generated illustrations can be overlaid on photographic panoramas, so as to create a photo-real illustration of the future woodland.


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Example of a forest plan at Kyllachy
Example of a forest plan at Finnart
Example of a forest plan at Abernethy